The Ultimate Guide to Custom Nameplates

Custom Nameplate Sign

Over the years, people have used nameplates for various reasons, from offering direction in an office setting to labeling equipment in a production line. Regardless of where they’re used, nameplates provide endless flexibility and convenience.

Before we look at the design process and how long it takes to make a custom nameplate, let’s first understand what a custom nameplate is, the types of nameplates, materials used, and their various use cases.

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The Many Kinds of Metal Nameplates and their Differences

Aluminum Industrial nameplate

Metal nameplates play a critical role in several industries – for instance, aircraft, trucks, and boats require exceptionally durable nameplates for identification and metal nameplates perform this role well. Similarly, outdoor machinery and those used in adverse environments need super-strong metal nameplates. Special materials are often used, especially those that can withstand extreme conditions such as UV light, corrosive industrial solvents, heat and humidity, abrasive cleaners, and even saltwater immersion.

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Which MIL STD 130 Marking Method is Right for You?

When selling goods to the U.S. Military, you must mark them with permanent identifying information, such as the serial number, part or batch number, enterprise identifier (EID), and barcode. The Military Standard 130, also known as MIL STD 130, sets the standard practices for marking military property, which includes a variety of allowable marking methods. In this article, we’ll share what MIL STD 130 marking methods must accomplish, outline allowable marking methods and locations, and suggest strategies to determine which method is best for your situation.

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How Long Will It Take to Produce a Membrane Switch?

membrane switches

New technologies have made membrane switches increasingly complex.

And that’s a good thing, as these switches perform complex tasks, whether it’s for electronics, medical devices or military applications.

Manufacturing membrane switches requires both technology and expertise. We’re proud to offer both, and we’re always happy to take questions from customers about how membrane switches come together. Here are some of the most common questions we get about membrane switch production.

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