Design and Engineering

examples of engineering design

Are you looking for a new design to update or enhance your new product? Industrial Nameplate has been engineering quality identification solutions for more than 45 years. This extensive history has allowed us to acquire unique capabilities and insights about the overall prototyping and production process. Not only can we help design your prototype/product, but we can also help you design the specifications for the part itself.

Our highly skilled art department employs the latest creative technologies to bring the details of each concept to life. Working from sketches, drawings, existing samples and/or digital files, we can produce a seemingly endless array of unique designs. When appropriate, we offer confidentiality agreements to keep sensitive customer information secure.

Our production department has extensive knowledge of the latest industry standards and specifications. As a result of years of trusted working relationships with multiple government organizations, we have actually helped to design their specifications. In addition, we continue to develop our expertise with a number of specialty and high-tech options. We utilize this combined experience to ensure the selection of the ideal requirements for each project. Industrial Nameplate maintains an inventory of the most durable, high-performance materials to ensure that each finished part, panel and product will endure the specified conditions up to the longest-term exposure under extreme environmental conditions.

Our sales and service department is ready to make every conversation a productive one, provide quotations within one day, offer competitive pricing and deliver on schedule (rush service of 5 working days or less is available). Whatever the circumstance or need, we are ready to serve and exceed expectations for each custom product.

You may contact us here. Would you like to review our imaging technologies, or possibly view some of our materials in inventory? We also discuss the importance placed on quality control to ensure we comply with each specification, every time, on time.