Image Technologies

imaging technologies

Industrial Nameplate employs the latest imaging and printing technologies to provide durable products to withstand a wide variety of environments. We can help you determine the most affordable option to manufacture a part that can endure the test of time.

Our imaging technologies include:

  • Digital Printing with UV Cured ink up to 51.2” x 98.4”
  • Matte or Gloss Clear ink enhancement
  • Silk-screen Printing
  • Flexographic Printing up to 12” Width
  • Engraving by Laser, Rotary, or Diamond Dragging
  • Laser Marking up to 28” x 49
  • Anodized Aluminum, Dye and Seal (Plates and Foils)
  • Metal Photo Print Process
  • Metal Stamping and Forming
  • Etch and Fill Metal Plates
  • Reverse Printing, Readable Through Clear Materials
  • Sub-Surface Printing Under Clear Material for Long-Term Durability, Protected Inks
  • Linear Barcoding, most all formats available, including Code 39, 128, and UPC. See more on our Barcodes page
  • 2D Barcodes, most all formats available, including QR Codes, and UID Data Matrix Format 6. See more on our Barcodes page
  • Serial Numbering (Digital Print, Laser Mark, Laser Engrave, Rotary Engrave, Diamond Drag, Thermal Print, Thermal Stamp, are all options to mark variable information)
  • Membrane Switch Printing and Assembly
  • Embossed Buttons with and without Tactile Feedback
  • Embossing Metals and Polycarbonates
  • Die Cutting (Steel Rule or Laser Cut)
  • Thermal Printing
  • Thermal Stamping
  • Clear Overlaminate Protection (UV, Water, Chemical Protection, Gloss or Matt Finish)
  • Lamination of Substrates in Sheet or Precut Pattern Formats
  • Cornering
  • Holes for Mounting
  • Adhesives that Resist Heat, Cold, and Chemical Environments
  • Slit Backing Paper for Easy Adhesive Backing Removal
  • Side Tab for Easy Adhesive Backing Removal
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Clear Protective May Be Used to Protect Parts During Production and Shipping

We would be pleased to discuss many more of our technologies. You may contact us here. Would you like to review our design and engineering services, or possibly view some of our materials in inventory? We also discuss the importance we place on quality control to ensure we comply with the correct specifications every time, on time.